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Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Welcome to the Radicubs Blog!

3, 2, 1...go!

Build Season has officially started!!

We are super excited to finally kick things off. So far, we have already gathered some great ideas on what our robot is going to look like, what we want it to do, and how we are going to accomplish our goals.

Before build season started, we conquered many of our goals.

As a community robotics team, we reached out to local businesses to get sponsorships and simply let them know about our team. Thankfully, some companies gave us sponsorships which were a huge relief to us and all of them we very interested in the things we did as a team. It was really nice to know that people wanted to help us do what we love to do and that they were intrigued by the things we did. In addition, we also got some new mentors for our team. They are very kind to take time out of their day to give us advice on things that could be better for our team and give us great ideas as well.

Another one of our goals was to find a workspace that could effectively sustain our team. We looked all summer and were finally granted a workspace that is actually owned by a team member's dad. They are so considerate to our team and we really appreciate the things they do for us.

Apart from that, we also had our fundraiser, which was an online popcorn fundraiser. We made good money from that which will help us with paying for things we need during build season.

All in all, we thank everyone that is supporting us and we wish for an amazing 2020 build season!


Thanks for reading! :))

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