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Charged Up 2023: Build Season Week One

The 2023 FRC Robotics season has officially begun!!

The Radicubs’ 2023 season is now underway! We have been working diligently throughout this past week to plan our robot and its various subsystems for the Charged Up season. Throughout this past week, our mechanical team discussed possible intake and arm designs, as well as finalized those designs. In addition to our mechanical team, our business team has been working on various awards, such as the FIRST Impact award, and our programming team has been working on swerve drive, building a prototype chassis, and working on figuring out april tags.


Throughout this week, our team has been researching and designing various intake and arm designs for the Charged Up 2023 FRC challenge! After lots of discussion over various designs team members have suggested during our meetings, our mechanical team has finalized both an intake system and an arm design. In addition to finalizing those designs, our CAD and design team have now officially begun using Fusion 360 to CAD the intake and arm designs. We have also formed a small team to recreate the field for this season’s game so that our robot will have a place to practice before the competition. They have finalized the design for the nodes and charging station, made sketches and have started making CAD models for the field.

Our mechanical team discussing possible intake designs


As for business, our team has been meticulously working to write the FIRST Impact award essay as well as designing merch and business cards. As the impact award essay and executive summaries due dates are quickly approaching, it is vital that our business team continues to work hard to get those done. Additionally, our business team is attempting to increase social media activity, and increase fundraising via events through Chipotle and Piada.


Our programming team has also been diligently preparing and working for this Charged Up 2023 FRC season. Throughout this first week of build season, our programming team has fixed our swerve modules and drive as the gears were grinding and the code was not working. Furthermore, our programming subteam began building a test chassis for our robot and attempted to figure out april tags.

Member, Sathvik Surisetty working on figuring out april tags

Week one is officially complete and we are very excited for this 2023 FRC season! To see more pictures and updates of what we’re up to, go check us out on Instagram, @theradicubs!

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