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Charged Up: Week Three and Four (feat. Snow Week)

During Charged Up weeks three and four, the Radicubs accomplished a variety of tasks in relation to programming, business, and mechanical!!

Upcoming Events:

Blaze Pizza Fundraiser - Coming in February!!



Within these past two weeks, the programming team continued work on AprilTag detection. During week two, we settled on using Photon Vision on a Raspberry Pi as a mode of AprilTag detection as it was well-refined and compatible with our system, and during both week three and four we continued work on making sure the Photon Vision on the Raspberry Pi can align with the AprilTag.


FIRST Impact Award:

These past two weeks, business team has been diligently working on the FIRST Impact Award essay (formerly known as the Chairman’s award) in order to prepare for the upcoming due date on February 16th, 2023. Additionally, we began preparation and planning for the FIRST Impact Award presentation that will take place at both our FIRST in Texas Dallas and Fort Worth competitions.

Hotel and Merchandise Planning:

Furthermore, the business team has been working hard to plan for our Fort Worth hotel stay, working out hotel and car logistics for our team to ensure we have a safe stay during the duration of our competition. Finally, we concluded the creation and voting of the Radicubs merchandise for 2023 season, with the team voting between multiple T-shirt and crewneck options, ultimately deciding on the merchandise below:

Our 2023 finalized merchandise designs


Field Team:

During these two weeks, the field team created a cube node for our programming team to practice with once our robot team completes the building of the robot. During the building of the cube node, we experienced a few minor setbacks due to the unexpected weather, however we are back and officially completed with part one of our field set-up.

Our field team working on the cube node

Robot Team:

Finally, the robot team has continued work on both the gripper prototype and the arm!! As of right now, the gripper team is nearly done with the prototype and currently making final adjustments. As for the arm team, progress is being made however a few setbacks have occurred due to weather conditions making it tough for specific stages of our arm to be delivered.

Week three and four are officially complete, and we are very excited for this 2023 FRC season! To see more pictures and updates of what we’re up to, go check us out on Instagram, @theradicubs!

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