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Charged Up: Week Two Updates

This week was a productive week for the Radicubs as there was much accomplished since the FRC kickoff. Our team has been hard at work now that robotics season is in full swing!

Upcoming events:

  • Feb 4th, 2023 - Outreach event at new Frisco Library (8000 Dallas Parkway)

  • Sometime in the next two weeks - Blaze Pizza fundraiser



This week, the programming sub-team explored various methods for detecting tags, including writing our own script, using the Limelight camera, and Photon Vision. Although we initially attempted to create our own script, it proved to be challenging and we ultimately decided to utilize a more established solution. Unfortunately, we encountered issues trying to flash the Limelight with the latest firmware and were unable to communicate with it due to strange USB errors. Ultimately, we settled on using Photon Vision on a Raspberry Pi as it was well-refined and compatible with our system.

Swerve Drive Base:

This week, we focused on developing the code to control the motors. We heavily relied on pre-existing code, particularly Team 364's BaseFalconSwerve repository. Additionally, we started experimenting with Ramsete control, a method of control that follows a trajectory of points to reach a specific position. This will be extremely useful during the autonomous period as it allows us to navigate to the exact coordinates on the field to interact with game pieces.


This week, the business team focused on completing the Chairman's executive summaries and essay, which are due on February 16th, 2023. Additionally, we created designs for new merchandise and planned outreach opportunities that will be announced soon. We also made arrangements for the next competition, including reserving a hotel for the team and determining who will stay there. Furthermore, we decided to partner with a restaurant, Blaze Pizza, to raise funds for the team. We are planning to host a fundraiser event with them in the next two weeks.


CAD Team:

This week, we finished our cad for the 2023 robot using Fusion360. Although the first time we did the cad model for our robot, we used the wrong dimensions, we reworked the model file to fit the correct dimensions, and we were able to finalize the cad model design.. This week, our cad team finished cadding the design for the arm/gripper of the robot. Additionally, we prototyped the design with plywood. We first imported a model file for the telescoping arm from West Coast Products. Then, we implemented brainstorm ideas for the arm/gripper into Fusion 360 and specified it using mathematics. We also reworked a model file from Swerve Drive specialities to finish the cad model of the chassis, giving us a solid framework to work with for when we bring the design to life

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