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Radiblog is back!!

The 2022-2023 FRC off-season has officially begun!!

The Radicubs’ 2022-2023 off-season is now underway! We’ve been hard at work preparing for our upcoming season with writing grant submissions, hosting workshops for new members, and participating in outreach events.


Another large part of our current off-season activities includes recruiting! Starting in May, we began recruiting members for the 2022-2023 season, and currently all the returning and new members are working on off-season activities, such as grants, and preparing for the upcoming build season!

Grants and Sponsorships:

Our team has been researching available grants opportunities and reaching out to local companies for sponsorships. Writing grants is our team's main focus currently, as it plays a big part in our income for each season. Additionally, sponsorships provide another large portion of our team's income throughout the season. Through sponsorships, not only does our team benefit, the sponsor does as well! We love how local companies and The Radicubs can support each other!


The 2021-2022 FRC Rapid React season was one of multiple wonderful outreach opportunities! Some of the events we attended were Lewisville Colorpalooza, Liberty HS’ Family Science Night, Frisco Ignite. At these outreach events, we demoed our robot and introduced our team to people around Frisco. This off-season, we attended the Frisco Public Library Teen Tech Event and assisted Techie Factory, a local learning center, with introducing FIRST to Frisco youth. Throughout this season, we plan to do more community outreach, including Frisco Family Tech Night in July and helping teach students at Techie Factory!!

To see pictures of what we’re up to, go check us out on Instagram,@theradicubs!

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